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Date: 13.11.2022

Association! Or: here we go…

Dear members, not-yet-members, friends and supporters!

IG-Hangflug was initially founded as a free platform for the representation of interests and the exchange of ideas among slope pilots. Some remarkable goals could be achieved this way. In the meantime the legal circumstances have changed in such a way that with the conventional form as an IG there are no longer any possibilities for an effective representation of interests. In this form our influence would be limited in the future. Inevitably, we have therefore thought about the future of IG-Hangflug.
The alternative was: to end the IG as such and thus give up a mouthpiece for the pilots concerned and also the successes achieved so far – or to take the bull by the horns and continue our work in a new form in the well-understood interest of the almost 600 members whom we have been able to represent so far. We have therefore decided to found an association, even if this will lead to additional tasks.
By the way, we were also motivated to do this by the results of the survey we conducted in spring among the registered members of the IG.
Many thanks again for your feedback!

And now the time has come: IG-Hangflug is a registered association!

Hurray – a great partial success! From now on we can represent our interests at a proverbial different altitude.
But you could also say that we have to be a bit insane.
Founding an association! Nowadays!
And yes, now there are no more excuses: we have to and want to deliver!
So that slope flying also has a chance where it is most beautiful, but at the same time more far-reaching restrictions are threatening: in Austria, Italy, Slovenia and France, for example.

For this we need you!

In spring 2023 we will have our first general meeting. Among other things, we will elect the organs of the association and decide on the membership fees.
(e.g. 10€ – 20€ or 30€). Place and time will follow soon. We hope to win you and as many of your friends, comrades and supporters as possible for membership and active participation! Because the more we are, the stronger we are! The more powerful we will be in representing our interests. The more tasks we can accomplish.
The more fun we will all have.

Clearly, our future success depends on your participation!

What are the concrete tasks ahead?
Our goal is: above all, we just want to fly models!
For us that means: with good sense and above all without excessive bureaucracy. And as harmonised as possible – even across national borders. This applies to flying as such, as well as to insurance cover. We have already been able to achieve some things, but now we have to do some more!

There are some attractive slope flying areas of high tourist value. Here, we as an association can obtain operating licences to secure flight activities.
The benefiting tourism associations, gastronomes and accommodation establishments are relieved. Members on the spots – so-called locals – are then our representatives and your and our contact persons.

Representation of interests
At European level through full membership in EMFU. Maintaining contacts with the federations at country level and pushing for operating licences “within the framework of associations” wherever possible. After all, we have an excellent safety record and therefore deserve to practice our flying sport beyond 120m (“open category”) even outside approved flying sites!

Public relations!
Model aviation needs a positive external awareness! Let’s tell the stories of how model aviation has made us successful….

Events and meetings
– because we love to be out there together – flying and celebrating!

What activities can we tackle?
What else moves you?
We would like to talk to you about it and then get started together!
We count on you! Now more than ever!

We ask members who are already registered in the previous IG to delete their (old) account (go to and click on Delete in the menu on the left).
For legal reasons, we need everyone to re-register with the data required for membership.

And here is the registration form for the new membership

IG-Hangflug website

Statutes of the association

With best flying greetings, your three from the founding team!

Gerd Holzner Achim Dörfler Armin Obrecht