IG Hangflug

Slope flying is next to GPS flying the royal class of gliding!

From 2021 (as of today, January 2021), the new EU regulations grant us sensible limits, but also freedom. Not only there, but as a special example let’s take Austria, the place of yearning for alpine slope pilots, the rights are being restricted again without comprehensible reasons. Models under 10 kg are now allowed to fly on all slopes (even those not officially listed as club model airfields) up to 120 m above the pilot’s position and horizontally up to the visibility limit. However, all models over 10 kg to under 25 kg must remain 120 m above ground level (AGL), i.e. MUST practice contour flight! This means in effect: model flying with models between 10 and 25 kg is practically no longer possible in the alpine region. Practice shows that pilots of large models without propulsion often already plan the landing approach at flight altitudes of less than 120 metres. Many long-range and thus safe landing approaches from the valley side are then illegal.
In addition, new distance rules make flying in alpine areas more difficult. It is impossible to keep the required distance from holiday and recreational areas, for example, if you consider the Austrian Alps as a recreational area. Thus, every pilot flies with the risk of violating the rules. Insurance consequences included.
This is the result (at least in Austria) of the classification of model flying outside approved model flying sites in the so-called “open category” of the new EU regulation.

What we want:
Formation of a strong community of slope pilots, gastronomic establishments and accommodation facilities, tourism associations and offices, to whom the target group “slope soaring pilots” is important and who promote RC slope soaring along with other sports. We address RC flying clubs, where slope flying and the common journey to is also almost of essential importance.
And of course we speak for our manufacturers who score points with their customers with the alpine flight suitability of their models and prove their premium claim!

Our goal:
To positively and creatively influence regulatory decision-making processes in order to obtain sufficient freedom for safe and responsible flight operations on the slopes of the Alps without counterproductive restrictions.

Creation of operating licences within an association of the respective country in accordance with §16 of the EU DVO (Implementing Regulation), which should apply as uniformly as possible in as many countries as possible.
It should be noted that this possibility is specifically highlighted in the official transcript of the DVO in order to point it out.

We call for this:
Join the list, become a member of the Hangflug community “IG-Hangflug”, no matter where you come from or why slope flying is close to your heart.
Support us publicly in this common cause with your name!

We will actively take action in due course. Help us to do so!